Jurgen Degabriele is one of Malta’s best young talents and after signing a five-year-deal with Hibernians the forward’s future is bright. 
Jurgen Degabriele is one of the most promising youngsters in Malta.
The forward has scored three goals in 13 appearances for Hibs so far this season.
Jurgen Degabriele (left)
Degabriele was rewarded with the “Best Youth League Player” award last season.


Best trainer – Andrei Agius because he always does things at 100% and wants everything done right no matter what.

Andrei Agius (right)

Worst trainer – Edison Luis Dos Santos (Tarabai) because you don’t know if he is in a good mood to train or not… sometimes he does magical things with the ball in training but sometimes it’s just like he disappears.

Most skillful  – Gilmar because I think when he has the ball he is the best dribbler in Malta… he could do stepovers for like an hour haha!


Least skillful – Clayton Failla can beat anyone in a one on one situation without using skills which means that he has his own technique to beat players.

Most intelligent– Andrew Cohen, he is our veteran player so his experience makes him one of the most intelligent players in Malta. He knows the game inside out.

andrew cohen
Captain, Andrew Cohen

Least intelligent – Marcelo Dias. Everyone knows that he is a good player and he has many abilities but he’s not that intelligent… if you see this Dias please stay on my team in training!

Best dress sense – Bjorn Kristensen is the model in our team.

Worst dress sense– Jorginho is the worst dressed player in our team.


Dressing room DJ – Rui Garcia Gomes, he is the DJ of the team and he’s always singing in the dressing room. He brings the speaker with him before games so he’s our team DJ.

Best taste in music– Joseph Mbong, the Nigerian/Maltese lad who thinks he is Chris Brown or someone like that.

joseph mbong
Joseph Mbong (right) VS. England

Worst taste in music– I don’t know but the Brazilians are always singing in Brazilian and their songs are bad ha!

Hardman – Jackson Lima, he is 34 years old but he still works hard every single day. He’s like a machine!

Jackson Lima (right)

Fastest player– Marcelo Dias. His main strength is that nobody can catch him when he starts running.

Slowest player – Jonathan Pearson, he doesn’t like to run but he uses his brain to take the ball off any player. He is very intelligent and in my opinion he is the best tackler we have in the side but he’s still very slow.

Jonathan Pearson

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