Kevin Nicholson feels ‘Torquay fans deserve a positive season’

Kevin Nicholson is currently player-manager of National League side, Torquay United.

The role of a player-manager is becoming more popular within lower league football and the left-back still feels he can do the job, both on and off of the pitch.

Kevin Nicholson is currently player-manager at Torquay United

The 36-year-old who has previous caps for England C played for a number of sides before accepting his current role at Plainmoor in 2015.

Nicholson got his first shot at regular first team fooball with Notts County before departing for Scarborough in 2004 following a loan spell with the side.

After a brief spell with Forest Green Rovers the defender joined Torquay United in 2007 where he went on to make 314 league appearances.

Having spent seven years with The Gulls, Nicholson departed for Kidderminster in 2014 and then went on to play for Bath City.

In September 2015, it was announced that the former Notts County man would be returning to Torquay United in a player-manager role.

After finishing 17th last season, Nicholson is looking to climb the National League table by bringing in a number of new players.

<> at Sixfields on August 24, 2013 in Northampton, England.
Kevin Nicholson in action for Torquay United

You are a Torquay legend with over 320 league appearances to your name. How does it feel to be in charge of a club close to you?

I am immensely proud of being the manager of this club. I have had my best years both professionally and personally while I’ve been in Torquay and although the club has come on hard times I’m determined to be part of the solution and help us back to the Football League where I think we belong.

It’s an honour to manage here and I remember that every day when I go to work. I will do everything in my power to be a success.

You publically said you feared the sack following defeat to Guiseley. How important was it to you to remain in charge of Torquay?

Hugely important as it’s all part of a massive learning curve for me. I have to learn from my mistakes and some of my mistakes have been exaggerated because of our well documented off pitch issues.

Now the club is safe and secure and we are safe in the National League I am in a position to use my new-found experience for the betterment of the club and myself.

The truth is I would probably have been sacked three times by now if the club had been in a position to do it so and I’m very grateful to still have the chance to achieve my goals with Torquay United Football Club.

Torquay United celebrate scoring against Lincoln City.

You were appointed player-manager in September 2015, why did you feel remaining as a player was important?

Purely because I am still capable of doing a job, it helps me use budget elsewhere knowing I can step in if needed and at first, we really needed some experience.

Things have evolved since and now I am just there in case of emergency but if I live like I tell the players to and I’m fit enough to play at 36 then they have to make sure they are doing it right too.

Gibraltar international Jake Gosling signed for the side last week. Does this show how seriously you’re taking the upcoming season?

I’m sure Jake will be a success here and his international career is something that people will pick up on but I always try to sign players whose attitude comes first and are determined to prove a point and that is a category he certainly falls into.

Torquay fans deserve a positive season and I’m working very hard to give them that and a team to be proud of.

Jake Gosling of Gibraltar (right) playing against Germany

What is your aim for the club in 2017/18?

Right now, it is just to build the most competitive team and squad I possibly can. We will then take each day as it comes to improve every day and see where it takes us.

Will Torquay fans expect any more signings within the next few weeks and if so what type of players do you have in mind?

I think they’ll be expecting a few as the current 8 players I have may need some back up!

The players I go for will have to have the right attitude and character where winning is everything and they do everything it takes, every day to give them the best chance to win.

I want athletes and potential mixed with experience and knowledge. That’s my plan and I’ll keep working towards it.

Plainmoor, home of Torquay United


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