This article was originally published on LT Journalism by Charlie Russell.

Two seasons ago National League North side Harrogate Town narrowly missed out on promotion to the National League after losing 2-1 to Fylde in the play-off semi-final.

This season the Sulphurites are 11th with 55 points to their name, something which may be seen as a disappointment following the previous year’s impressive performances.

Harrogate are going full time next season.

Earlier this year Harrogate Town announced that they were going to go full time, starting from the 2017/18 season.

An ambitious move from the Yorkshire side as they aim to push for promotion next season. Recent changes to The CNG Stadium include the introduction of a £500,000 3G pitch which was laid last summer.

Managing Director Garry Plant said: “This is a big decision for all of us. We understand the impact that moving to full-time will have on players, staff and supporters but ultimately we believe it to be the best course of action at this moment.

“We knew we would have to step up at some point in the near future, and with the club now progressing in almost every department, 2017/2018 felt like a natural point to make the move. This is a major signal of intent as we welcome a new era for both our football club and for the wider community of Harrogate.”

Young talent, Marcus Day spoke to LT Journalism about the change saying: “When we found out about going full time it was massive news for me because it’s an opportunity to achieve my dream job.

“I haven’t been offered anything as of yet but talks whether the manager wants me to stay or not will be coming after the end of the season.

“Hopefully providing I get a contract, it will give me the platform to improve and move up the leagues with Harrogate.”

Going full time will mean a change of lifestyle for a number of players at the club, Day spoke about this saying: “The only difference will be training a couple times more a week, everything in and around the club is already run very professionally.”

When asked about the standard of players this change will attract the Under 21 star said: “Being a full time footballer is very attractive for everyone who is in football so naturally you can attract a higher standard of players.”

Finally, Day spoke about the future of Harrogate and the side’s ambitions: “Promotion was a target this year and we have fell short so next year whoever is at the club will be hoping to win the league as Harrogate will be one of the few full time teams in the National League North.”


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