Matthew Towns is experienced in Maltese football having played for a number of big sides including Floriana, Valletta and Hibernians.

Matthew Towns is enjoying life in Malta and Gozo.

Following a brief spell in Australia with South Adelaide Panthers FC, the goalkeeper returned to Malta with St. Andrews before signing for Gozo based side, SK Victoria Wanderers.

After an impressive cup run following an upset against BOV Premier League side, Pembroke Athleta when Wanderers won 2-0, Towns’ side are now in the hat for the FA Trophy semi-final.

Prior to this historic victory, Wanderers had beat another Premier League side, St Andrews.

Wanderers scored 13 goals and conceded only one goal in the five games they have played in the FA Trophy this season.

SK Victoria Wanderers beat Premier League opposition in the FA Trophy Quarter-Final

The former Macclesfield Town goalkeeper spoke to ElWriteBack about his side’s impressive run.

You are now playing in Gozo for SK Victoria Wanderers. How are you finding your time there?

I am really enjoying it so far. It’s a fantastic club with a good group of players, excellent and ambitious coaching staff and a committee, who give the club a genuine family feel. I know this term is branded about in a number of clubs, but at SK Victoria Wanderers it is one of very few clubs I’ve played for who can actually say this.

You have reached the FA Trophy Semi-Final which is history as a Gozo based side has never achieved this. How do you feel about this achievement?

It’s great and there is a real sense of achievement around the club and in the football community within the country.

When we won the Quarter-Final I felt similar to when I won the trophy six years ago with Floriana, and although people are saying it’s great what we have done already and that people are proud of us, we have an important task ahead of us in the league to try and climb to a respectable position, with the trophy in the back of our minds for now.

Matthew Towns in goal for SK Victoria Wanderers.

Do you think that reaching the final and winning the trophy is achievable?

Anything is achievable in football when you work hard. We are not getting ahead of ourselves though and there are three huge clubs in the Semi-Finals now with a rich history and they all deserve respect. We know we are up against it, but we will give it everything I’m sure.

What would it mean for SK Victoria Wanderers to get to the final?

To be honest, I can’t imagine what it would mean, it’s really unthinkable, or is it?!

SK Victoria Wanderers



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