Mikey Emery joined Boston United this summer from Heanor Town. The goalkeeper had previous National League North experience, being a former Gainsborough Trinity player.

Mikey Emery of Boston United.

With the release of AK Goalkeeping’s Azrael range, the shot stopper has teamed up with award nominated website, ElWriteBack to review the goalkeeper gloves from a professional’s point of view.

Getting the right gloves as a goalkeeper is vital! Therefore, this review will come as a useful read for any goalkeeper out there from a youth footballer to a Sunday League pub team player. 

Today’s review: AK Goalkeeping

Initial impressions on the glove?

I had seen pictures of the gloves and really liked the design and the look of the gloves, but when they arrived they looked even better. My first impressions of the gloves were that they looked the part and after a quick pre wash, the grip felt the part too. It was extremely sticky right from the off and the negative cut fit perfectly.

Performance and Durability?

I have total trust in my gloves which is extremely important, especially in wet conditions.

Goalkeeping is a position that relies on being mentally tough and confident, knowing that you can totally trust your gloves grip certainly helps your confidence going into a game.

The gloves also wear extremely well, I have recently trained and had matches on quite sandy goalmouths, soaking wet goalmouths, 3G and 4G pitches and my gloves are performing as well as when I gave them their first pre wash over a month ago.

Mikey Emery uses AK Goalkeeping gloves.

Value for money?

The gloves are certainly value for money, they aren’t the cheapest and most certainly aren’t the most expensive at only £29.99 but the latex in my opinion is better than some of the gloves on that market that are being sold at £90, £100 or even £110.

AK Azrael’s available in sizes 5-10.

I tried a team mates pair of gloves on around four or five weeks ago that are currently being sold for £110 on some goalkeeping websites. We swapped gloves for a whole session and I can honestly say that I found the grip and comfort of my AK’s far better and clearly so did my team mate as he now also wears AK’s.

You will find that a lot of the so called bigger brands you are simply paying for the name, I can guarantee that you can click on a goalkeeper glove website and find gloves that were originally priced up at around £100 reduced to about £35 or £40 and I have found that my AK gloves have performed better than the £110 glove that I tried.

Where can you buy the gloves from?

You can buy the gloves from the AK Keeping Facebook page or through myself.

I coach the goalkeepers at Boston United’s centre of excellence (Boys) and Boston United’s Regional Talent Centre (Girls) and the gloves have gone down so well with our young keepers that AK have sent us plenty of stock to ensure that the goalkeepers can try them for size and then purchase them straight away.

I understand that the AK website will be launching in the next couple of weeks along with two brand new designs. In the meantime, you can have a look at the Facebook page. Click here to view.

Alternatively, you can contact myself on Facebook or Twitter and I’d be happy to help with any questions or purchases regarding the gloves and goalkeeping.

Birdy Jnr (left) who is on trial at Walsall FC alongside Mikey Emery. The pair both wear AK goalkeeping gloves.

Click the image above to view Birdy Jnr Goalkeeping’s Facebook page. 


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