Yesterday, ElWriteBack spoke to English footballer Kyle Russell about his return to England and what his plans for 2017 are.

The former Birmingham City trialist has again spoken out exclusively to ElWriteBack about how he finds the English game and what possible moves could be on the cards as he looks forward in his career.

Kyle Russell enjoyed his time in Malta and Gozo.

How are you finding your return to England?

Excited is what I would say. I am confident and prepared for the challenges ahead. I know it’s not going to be easy being back but I am more than capable of succeeding. All I need to do is focus on what I can do and everything else will take care of itself.

How different is English football to what you last experienced in Malta?

WOW! English football is a whole different ball game. Physical & fast. Malta is good but England is very tough. I understand England more now than I did before. England is the one challenge I need to accomplish.

Would you ever consider a return to Malta?

I would consider a return to Malta. I can’t say no if I am a free agent or in a contract. If the timing is right, why not? I love and live for new challenges as well as challenges I have already accomplished. I am single with no responsibilities so the world is my oyster.

Kyle Russell has played all over the world and is looking forward to spending time with Staines Town FC.

With Santa Lucia Falcons a team close to you abroad, are these the favourites to get your signature?

I wouldn’t say favourites but they are close to my heart for sure like Nadur Youngsters FC. Right now my focus is on Staines Town FC. What happens after Staines Town FC will take care of itself.

How would you describe Santa Lucia Falcons and their ambitious chairman?

I would say they are a very well organised team with some Serbian players that are fantastic! You have Marinko for example, he is a very good striker and is easy to play with.

Jobah is an absolute warrior with fantastic footballing ability. He’s my mentor and potentially my agent in the near future.

The chairman has his ideas and for sure will push his club to the right destination. He is positive, ambitious and has a sense of direction.

Santa Lucia Falcons 2016/17

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