What do you get when your cross football and music, two beautiful things loved by millions all over the globe…?

Usually the answer to that would be a train wreck, as seen many times over the years when footballers have attempted to enter the music industry.

Gareth Bale and team-mates listen to music as they arrive for their fixture against Wolfsburg FC in April.

Some of the most famous songs sung by footballers include: Fog on the Tyne by Paul Gascoigne and Diamond Lights by then-Tottenham Hotspur team mates, Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle.

In recent years, there has been a development in music and football’s relationship as rap and grime has become more involved, with the likes of Stormzy and Paul Pogba teaming up through their sponsor, Adidas.

Clint Dempsey is also a name to be linked with rap music, through his alter ego: “Deuce.”

US National Team midfielder Clint Dempsey aka Deuce teams up with Houston rappers: BIG HAWK and XO – Watch below.

One up and coming star regularly uses lyrics which only a football fan would understand.

AJ Tracey, a 22-year-old university drop out has done nothing but shine since coming onto the grime scene and he recently sold out two London shows with his Lil Tracey tour.

The up and coming grime star is known for his classic style, but he is also known for his football inspired lyrics alongside good friend and fellow rapper, Dave.

One track which demonstrates this is the recent, Daily Duppy S:05 EP:20 uploaded on GRM Daily yesterday.

AJ Tracey can only get better.

AJ, a Tottenham Hotspur fan uses a variety of lyrics which have obviously been used to link to his side.

The first Spurs based lyric used in his Daily Duppy is a regular in any track by AJ Tracey and it’s even his Twitter handle which is also linked within this bar: “AJ from the Lane’s never been a follower.”

This then develops onto him mentioning Spurs’ young talent Joshua Onomah when he states: “I’m in the field like Onomah.”

Straight after this, we hear AJ rap something only true Spurs fans will understand.

The London based rapper says: “I’m gonna breakthrough the scene like Oduwa.”

For those who don’t know, this lyric is about Nathan Oduwa, one of Spurs’ most promising young talents who recently spent time on loan with Rangers and is waiting for his breakthrough with the first team.

Oduwa even paid homage to AJ Tracey last night on Twitter following the release of the song.

As the song progresses, AJ Tracey starts to include a number of first team players.

This begins with goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris being referred to through the line: “Pengtings I don’t wanna save like Hugo.”

One questionable section of the song is seen at one minute and forty-two seconds when it appears that AJ uses the lyrics: “I’m Mido.” This could be used as a play on words for “I’m me though” with former Spurs striker, Mido. (Something which is yet to be confirmed.)

This is then quickly followed by: “Holding it down like Dier or Mousa.” Another obvious lyric which is used by AJ to acknowledge two star players in Spurs’ squad, Eric Dier and Mousa Dembélé who regularly dominate the midfield.

Manager, Mauricio Pochettino is next in line out of the Spurs inspired lyrics when the song states a shortened version of his name: “Poch.”

This again moves onto yet another brilliant lyric inspired by The Lilywhite’s when AJ Tracey uses a play on words with Danish midfielder, Christian Eriksen through the bar: “I’m something like Christian.”

Christian Eriksen of Tottenham Hotspur, known for his finesse.

Lloris isn’t the only goalkeeper to get a mention as backup shot stopper, Michel Vorm is also included towards the back end of the song: “No Vorm ting, bad vibes I’ll parry.”

A lyric which obviously refers to Vorm being a goalkeeper through the word “Parry.”

Fan’s favourite, Harry Kane is also included after lyrics about England internationals, Gareth Barry and Phil Jones.

AJ Tracey refers to the Spurs striker saying: “Man’s upfront like Harry.”

The most obvious lyric in the whole song is also towards the end when a Spurs badge appears in the music video as we hear the words: “And put a strap across your chest like a Spurs kit.”

This part of the song recalls the 2015/16 home shirt which was often referred to as the “seatbelt design.”

Eric Dier playing in the 2015/16 home shirt.

Real Madrid and world superstar, Gareth Bale couldn’t go without a mention could he? Well he has been one of the best players to grace a Spurs shirt in recent years.

Following on from the 2015/16 kit lyric, AJ Tracey mentions the former Spurs attacker at two minutes twenty-three.

Amongst Tottenham inspired lyrics, an Arsenal player is also referred to as Hector Bellerín is used in the line: “Oops fam I meant like a Bellerín.”

Premier League youngster, Marcus Rashford is another opponent used in the song when AJ Tracey says: “Like Rashford, man’s young but I get in.”

To watch the whole music video click the link below.

So there you have it, a very clever and well written song which has a relationship with not only football but specifically North London side, Spurs.

Maybe there should be a campaign for Christmas number one with this song? It will surely be better than the tripe we’ll receive from the X Factor winner.

Another idea could be that AJ Tracey gets some Spurs players to be involved with his next music video? Imagine that!

Dele Alli. Maybe the next star in AJ Tracey’s music video?



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