Live UK Snooker Championships: Higgins vs Allen

We join the UK Snooker Championship fourth-round tie between John Higgins and Mark Allen at York Barbican this afternoon.

John Higgins has won the UK Championships three times.

15:33: To continue watching the fourth-round tie please visit the following link: LIVE COVERAGE.

15:28: Summary: John Higgins started the game off well going two frames up early on.

Allen looked like he was out of question at the beginning of the day but surpised the crowd after coming back to equal things with a score of two frames each.

The Northern Irish player then sent himself into the lead with an impressive performance making things different to how they started with a 3-2 frame lead to his name.

After a disapointing period, Higgins who has won the title in question three times, fought back to make the score three frames each.

15:26: An impressive return from Higgins as he brings the score back to three frames each with a break of 102 sending him into the century mark.

15:22: Higgins looking better now with a lead of 32-16 in this frame. Allen has done well to come back from two frames down but a draw of three frames each looks likely.

15:18: We take a look at some snooker fan’s views on Twitter. (see below)

15:16: The three time UK Championship winner has snookered himself, what a silly mistake to make, especially with being a frame down.

15:15: Higgins takes his first shot and successfully pots the red ball. He then attempts to hit a black which leads to a very unlucky miss as it bounces from the side rail.

15:14: Allen has done tremendously well to fight back in order for him to take the lead in this game. He currently leads with a score of 15.

15:07: The 40-year-old has successfully come back from being two frames down to make the game three frames to Higgins’ two.

15:04: Allen looks like he is finding his way in this game as he pots the green ball.

15:00: As the clock turns three, Allen prepares to take a shot using the extension cue.

14:59: Higgins has come out showing the form he previously had to his name at the start of the game.

14:54: The players have returned to the table reading to resume play.

14:32: We are currently in a mid-game interval. Play will soon resume.

Mark Allen has earned back two frames after he was previously trailing 2-0 earlier in the match.

14:29: After successfully attempting the double and a red, Allen pulls the score back to an equal two frames each after finishing on 105.

14:28: The Northern Irishman, show impressive form as he currently has a break of 98. The crowd would love a century.

14:26: Allen continues to dominate the fourth frame, as he currently leads 69-0 following  a successful pot to the pink ball.

14:23: Allen regains a frame and closes the score down to 2-1.

14:19: Following a failed attempt to pot the black, Higgins returns to the table.

14:19: Northern Irish number three, Mark Allen currently leads the third frame 76-1.

14:09: Higgins currently leads the game two frames to nil, the 41-year-old last won the competition in 2010.

Champion Of Champions 2016, John Higgins

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