ElWriteBack founder, Charlie Russell has been lucky enough to speak to Boavista star, André Schembri.

The Maltese international has played in a number of countries including Portugal and Germany.

Boavista’s André Schembri

You started your career in Malta with Hibernians. Since leaving the club in 2005 you have gone on to play for a number of clubs abroad. Having played in a number of countries, how different is the style of football, depending on which league you are playing in?

Every league has its own style of play. In the Mediterranean countries football is based more on technique whilst in North and East Europe the style of play is based more on the physical side.

Where have you enjoyed your football the most?

In Hungary and Cyprus.

With your knowledge of a range of different football leagues, how can Maltese football improve to a higher standard?

By turning the football clubs into a professional set-up.

André Schembri (right)

What was it like going from the atmosphere of Maltese football to that of a major side in AC Omonia?

Omonia is the biggest team in Cyprus. Every game, and especially against Apoel the stadium would be nearly full. In Malta we are not used to having the stadium full so there is a big difference when you play in front of a bigger crowd. But I was used to playing in front of bigger crowds when I played with my national team.

You have had two spells with AC Omonia. Is this somewhere you feel most comfortable playing football?

Yes in Omonia I made a lot of friends and I was very happy living in Cyprus. I felt very comfortable there and this helped me to concentrate more on football and give good performances.

You are currently at Portuguese side, Boavista. How have you settled into the club?

Yes I have settled in well.

André Schembri

This is a big move for your career as you will be up against teams like Porto, Benfica and Sporting. How do you feel about playing at such a high level?

I feel very optimistic and determined to make a good impression and help my club achieve their goal.

What are your aims for the season?

My aims are to help the club reach their target which is a finish in 10th or above.

Finally, you were mentioned as “one of the toughest and most frustrating opponents he encountered on the pitch” in Andrea Pirlo’s biography. How did you feel about this comment?

I felt proud that I was mentioned in the biography of one of the most gifted players in the world.

FIFA World Cup 2014 qualification match between Italy and Malta
Andrea Pirlo praised André Schembri

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