After making his England U18 debut at the age of 16, Sam Yawayawa has a bright future ahead of him.

The young Tigers player is currently part of the youth set up at Welford Road.

Sam Yawayawa playing for Leicester Tigers

You are part of Leicester Tigers’ Academy. How does it feel to be apart of such a big club’s future?

It’s an honour and privilege to play for such a successful team and also to put on the Tigers shirt to represent the club.

How did Vereniki Goneva influence your career being a former Tigers player?

I’ve been watching him play for the Tigers since he started there; he has influenced me in many ways, for example as we play in the same position he has shown and taught me things both on and off of the pitch that I’ve not learnt before. This has helped me progress as both a player and an individual. 

You were born in Fiji before being educated in Germany and Scotland. What made you pick England as your national U18 side?

I actually played for Scotland U16’s when I got scouted by Leicester Tigers. During my first year with the club I received a call from England asking me to play; this was obviously an amazing feeling, one of which I will never forget. I got picked for England U18’s when I was 16 years old, I learnt a lot from the players around me who were then a couple of years older. I feel that playing for England, both then and now has made me develop so much more as an athlete, helping me progress my rugby career further in so many ways.

Sam Yawayawa
You came off the England U18 bench against Scotland when you were 16. How much of an achievement was this considering your age?

This was an unbelievable experience especially due to my age. It was an opportunity which I am so grateful for as I feel that I got to prove to both myself and the squad that I am worthy to play beside them and to represent the rose.

You are seen to be a future star for Leicester Tigers. What is your dream in rugby?

My all time dream has always been to be the best player that I can be and to make it as a professional. Being part of such a great club has and will help me reach my dream.

Who has been the biggest influence in your rugby career off the field?

My family have always been my biggest motivator, especially my Dad. He has played rugby all his life through the army, both me and my brother have taken great influence from this. My dad has taught me so much both about the sport and my attitude towards it.

Sam Yawayawa
What’s the strongest aspect to your game?

I believe my strongest aspect would be my footwork.

Finally, where do you think you need to improve the most in your game?

I think if I were to improve on anything it would be to increase my kicking game during the matches.

Sam Yawayawa

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