The Malta Football Players Association have announced the nominees for the MFPA Awards 2016.

ElWriteBack speaks to two award nominees, Matthew Calleja Cremona (Floriana F.C.) and Lydon Micallef (Balzan F.C.) about the three-year old awards.


There are a total of 24 categories at this year’s awards ranging from MFPA Best Player to Best Referee, making this an award ceremony to thank and recognise the talent of all individuals involved in Maltese football.

The MFPA awards will be held at the Xara Lodge, Rabat on 2nd May 2016.  Now an annual event, the award ceremony is something which all players, coaches and fans look forward to as Maltese football celebrates the very best.

MFPA nominee, Lydon Micallef.

Young forward, Lydon Micallef commented on his nomination saying, “It’s a great achievement to be nominated because I have worked hard all season, everyday and at the end of the season it’s good to see my name in the list of the nominees.

It would be a pleasure to win an award because the winner is selected by players from other clubs, but then again I’m delighted with what I have achieved this year and I look forward to working even harder in the future.”

Micallef was modest saying, “The awards are important but I don’t think about them, achievement as a team is much more important.”

Here are the player’s nominated for a MFPA Award 2016.

MFPA Best Young Goalkeeper – Andrea Cassar (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Christian Cassar (Balzan F.C.), Matthew Calleja Cremona (Floriana F.C.)

MFPA Best Young Defender – Daniel Zerafa (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Emanuel Briffa (Floriana F.C.), Samir Arab (Balzan F.C.)

MFPA Best Young Midfielder – Bjorn Kristensen (Hibernians F.C.), Llywelyn Cremona (Valletta F.C.), Ryan Camenzuli (Birkirkara F.C.)

MFPA Best Young Forward – Ayrton Azzopardi (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Luke Montebello (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Lydon Micallef (Balzan F.C.)

MFPA Best XI Goalkeeper – Andrea Cassar (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Henry Bonello (Valletta F.C.), Mario Muscat (Pembroke Athleta F.C.)

MFPA Best XI Left-Back – Gary Muir (Sliema Wanderers F.C.), Joseph Zerafa (Birkirkara F.C.), Steve Bezzina (Balzan F.C.)

MFPA Best XI Right-Back – Jonas Ekani (Mosta F.C.), Justin Grioli (Balzn F.C.), Ryan Camilleri (Valletta F.C.)

MFPA Best XI Central Defenders (2) – Andrei Agius (Hibernians F.C), Bruno Oliveria (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Elkin Serrano (Balzan F.C.), Enrico Pepe (Floriana F.C), Jonathan Caruana (Valletta F.C.), Juan Cruz Gill (Valletta F.C.)

MFPA Best Midfielders (3) – Bjorn Kristensen (Hibernians F.C.), Claudio Pani (Valletta F.C), Gilmar da Silva Ribeiro (Hibernians F.C.), Jackson Lima (Hibernians F.C.), Kyle O’Brien (Pembroke Athleta F.C.), Nicolas Chiesa (Floriana F.C), Paul Fenech (Balzan F.C), Roderick Briffa (Valletta F.C.), Ryan Camenzuli (Birkirkara F.C).

MFPA Best Forwards (3) – AbdelKarim Nafti (Valletta F.C.), Alex Paixao [Lekao] (Tarxien Rainbows F.C.), Alfred Effiong (Balzan F.C.), Federico Falcone (Valletta F.C.), Jhonnattann Benites (Valletta F.C.), Jorge Pereira [Jorginho] (Hibernians F.C.), Jorge Santos Silva (Hibernians F.C.), Lydon Micallef (Balzan F.C.), Matteo Piciollo (Floriana F.C.)

Matthew Calleja Cremona has been nominated for Best Young Goalkeeper.

MFPA Young Goalkeeper nominee, Matthew Calleja Cremona spoke about the achievement saying. “I am very proud to have made an improvement over the past few years as I have always believed that I could make it to the Malta Premier League and possibly even in a higher level if I increase the level of my game.

I’m happy to have been nominated with another two decent young goalkeepers. It’s something that I can enjoy after I overcame a lot of difficult times.”

Cremona finished by commenting on his game ahead of next season saying, “I believe that I can always be better in my game. In order to be better I have to improve my explosive power and distribution.”

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