The talented goalkeeper was a regular for Nottingham Forest’s U21 side last season, as the side finished top of the Professional Development League Two.

Durrant impressed the Forest coaches with his fine displays, allowing him to make an appearance on the senior side’s bench in a League Cup tie at Huddersfield Town.


Ross Durrant

Charlie Russell speaks to the shot stopper about his Forest U21 teammates.

BEST TRAINER: Tim Erlandsson. He loves it no matter the weather. He’s always smiling even when he’s having a stinker.

cash and tim.png

Matty Cash (left) and Tim Erlandsson (right)

WORST TRAINER: Richard Deale. He has zero enthusiasm for anything – too cold.

MOST SKILFUL: James Thorne has good feet and he’s very powerful as well.


James Thorne

LEAST SKILFUL: Joe Worrall, the definition of “no nonsense.”

MOST INTELLIGENT: I’m backing myself for this, best of a bad bunch more than anything.

LEAST INTELLIGENT: Matty Cash. Easily the least intelligent person I’ve met, and I’ve met a few.


Matty Cash

BEST DRESSED: Aiden Austin. Always looks his best, ladies man.

WORST DRESSED: Nikolay Todorov, he owns two tracksuits. Black and Grey… that’s it.


Nikolay Todorov

DRESSING ROOM DJ: Matty Cash, more for the fact that no one else is bothered who does it.

BEST TASTE IN MUSIC: Jorge Grant. Similar to mine, old school RnB.


Jorge Grant

WORST TASTE IN MUSIC: Dylan Burns and Luke Thomas. Not going into it, some awful stuff.

HARD MAN: Joe Worrall on the pitch but Luke Thomas anywhere else.


Joe Worrall

JOKER: There’s a few in the team. Joe Worrall, myself, Aiden Austin, we have a very lively changing room.

FASTEST: Oliver Burke easily, nobody else is anywhere near.


Oliver Burke (right)

SLOWEST: Myself, and Joe Worrall would be a good race… or bad depending.

ros durrant.png

Ross Durrant


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