Trinity Team Mates – Josh Lacey

Charlie Russell speaks to Gainsborough Trinity defender, Josh Lacey about his team mates.

Josh Lacey (left) in action for Gainsborough Trinity.

As featured in the Gainsborough Trinity match programme vs. Solihull Moors Football Club – 20/02/2016.

Best trainer – Nathan Jarman. He always puts in maximum effort throughout the whole session and always stays to do extra shooting practice!

Nathan Jarman

Worst trainer – I can’t drop anyone in it for this one so unfortunately no one hahaha.

Most skilful – Liam Davis tries to pull off a few skills in training but I haven’t seen any of them produced in a game yet!

Liam Davis

Most intelligent – I’m going to have to say Dom Roma. He knows his stuff both on and off the pitch. He has taught me so much about the game!

Least intelligent – Cam Rigby. He forgot what room number he was staying in when we stayed overnight for the FA cup game against Wrexham

Cam Rigby

Dressing room DJ – Liam Davis loves to put some music on but Charlie Binns also loves to try and have a say in what is played. I don’t think anyone listens to him to be honest.

Best taste in music – I’m not sure, Lewis Bemrose has good taste… sometimes hahaha.

Lewis Bemrose (right)

Fastest player – I’d like to say that I’m up there but if I can’t vote for myself I’d have to say Jake Picton as he is pretty fast!

Slowest player – Quinny (Adam Quinn) or Stampy (Darryn Stamp), it’s always good to watch these two race for a ball in training.

Darryn Stamp

Best dressed – Stephen Brogan loves some fashionable gear!

Hard man – Nathan Jarman. In training he has always got his elbows out when fighting for the ball, it’s probably a bit daunting for the younger lads when he’s angry. You don’t want to be near him when he’s in his angry man element.

Worst dressed – Charlie Binns loves a good go at wearing some horrific gear but if you ask him, he’ll say he looks the business.

Charlie Binns

Quiet man – JD, he stays quiet in the changing room and he’s very good at not nibbling when someone is throwing banter his way. He is very chilled out and such a nice guy!

Joker – Stephen Brogan is always up for a good laugh and he is the type of guy you need around a changing room! He’s absolute class hahahaha.

Stephen Brogan (left)

Best mate at the club – Lewis Bemrose. I’ve known him a long time and he’s one of my best friends outside of football! He’d be down if I didn’t add his name after this question as well haha.

Gainsborough Trinity

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