Last month, Maltese defender Zach Muscat signed for Italian Lega Pro side S.S Akragas. 

Muscat had previously been approached by Pisa Calcio but the deal fell through.

Zach Muscat

Muscat spoke exclusively to ElWriteBack in November 2015. The Maltese defender said, “I recently went on trial with Pisa Calcio who play in the Italian Lega Pro, where I was offered a contract, however unfortunate events from my club’s side prevented the move. I want to get away as soon as possible!”

In previous interviews you stated how you craved a move abroad. How happy are you now you have signed for S.S Akragas in Italy?

I’m ecstatic. I’m very pleased to have been given this opportunity to live and focus on the professional life. However, I know my work and sacrifices have just become harder and tougher. I must prove myself everyday and every week to make a better step come June time. This is something I have wanted but not where I want to stop.

Do you have a message for the Birkirkara fans?

I have nothing but praise for the true fans who stuck with the team through thick and thin. They will always have a place in my heart.

What was the highlight of your time at Birkirkara?

Surely it has to be sealing the deal with my goal on the decider of my first year in top flight of Maltese football and winning the league.

Zach Muscat vs. West Ham

How big of a step has your move to Italy been?

It’s huge however not necessarily on the pitch but from a mental and lifestyle point of view, it’s huge.

How will this move help your career?

 I have already seen a change and will continue to do so in areas of physique, health, match vision, confidence on the ball and a complete overhaul of my performance in terms of intensity all round.

Zach Muscat is enjoying life in Italy.

What have you missed the most about Maltese football?

 Honestly, nothing much. Everything here is much more professional.

You are playing alongside experienced players such as Ciro Capuano. How do you plan to develop whilst playing with such an experienced player and team?

I have a lot of respect for such an experienced person. He trains hard everyday, always giving his best so it automatically reverberates throughout the squad and it is truly felt when he is not with us as he is currently injured. I plan on squeezing out every ounce of detail from his experience.

Circo Capuano (right) during his time with Palermo.

How did this move come around?

I’ve been trying to push myself abroad especially in the Italian leagues for quite some time now and this time it worked out. Contacts, contacts, contacts. 

How have you found the first few months in Italy?

I thank God that I have settled in nicely. The dressing room is great and we are a close knit group. I have started to set my routine by adjusting to living independently and it is going well. The results are also showing the outcome of our work and unity.

Finally, do you plan to stay in Italy for the rest of your career?

One thing is sure. I do not plan on playing in Malta any time shortly or at least I hope I don’t. Where I go next is up to my agents, however from my end I see myself fitting nicely into the style of football here and would love to see myself progress here in Italy.

Zach Muscat (right) vs Croatia.

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