Last year I spoke to Lincoln City’s U18 star, Archie Moyses about his teammates. Moving across the county, I speak to Boston United’s U18 forward, Tom Taylor.

Boston United Youth Team

Best mate at the club? Conor Allen has to be my best mate here. I have known him from day one and he is a good lad.

conor tom
Conor Allen (left) and Tom Taylor (right)
Worst dressed? You know what, pretty much all the lads dress well so honestly I couldn’t pick!

Dressing room DJ? This has to be Vinno (Harry Vince) who is always supplying pre match tunes, home or away he’ll have the speaker on full blast haha.

Most skilful? Kemal (Yenibertiz) definitely has a few things in his locker and isn’t scared of pulling them off during a game as well.

Kemal Yenibertiz
Gaffer’s pet? Jack Dykes got given a few names like busy bee during pre-season because he wanted to impress the gaffer so it has to be Dykesy.

First on the dance floor? I’ll have to say all of the first years during their initiation at the start of the season! However most of them also had to sing.

Best boots? We change them every other week but I know Meady (Liam Mead) has a few pairs on him!

liam mead
Tom Taylor (left) and Liam Mead (right)
Most prolific on Twitter? Is it wrong to say myself on this one? I don’t think I go like thirty minutes without checking it haha. @tomjtaylor

tom taylor
Tom Taylor
Always late to training? I have to say we’re a punctual bunch of lads, couldn’t name drop anyone on this!

Best trainer? Oli Drummond is a very good trainer and always puts in the graft, so it has to be him purely for his efforts.

Most likely to make the Premier League? Harry Limb is an unbelievable player and he showed what he can do in the Youth Cup.

Harry Limb

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