In my latest interview I speak to former Lincoln City defender, Paul Robson.

Paul Robson

You started your career as a youth player at Doncaster Rovers before joining Charlton Athletic. How did you find your time at Doncaster?

My time at Doncaster was brilliant. The team was made up of lads from all around England, which created a sense of togetherness as we all lived together on a college campus. I have amazing memories from my youth days!

Do you think your injury at Charlton played a part in the fact that you never managed to break into the first team?

I did have many injuries during my last season at Charlton. I understood when the club only offered me a six month contract as I had been out for so long. But that’s also when I had a massive opportunity to play in the US so I decided to take it.

Following a short spell with Bridlington Town, you moved to America. What made you make this decision?

I had already spoken to a few people about America so my time at Bridlington was mainly for fitness. When an opportunity came to play in New York I jumped at the chance!

paul robson 6
Paul Robson spent time in America.
What differences did you notice between English football and the way it is played in America?

There are a lot more long balls played in England. But honestly, I think playing style depends on each coach and their philosophies on the game.

During your time in America you played for Long Island Rough Riders. How did you adapt to the style of play in America?

The heat in the summer took some getting used to. This also made the games slightly slower and more technical.

During your time with Crystal Palace Baltimore’s you played along side Val Teixeira. How talented was the former Portugal Youth International?

Val is a great friend and player. Even now he is still playing in the Indoor Professional League in America for Harrisburg Heat. I gained a lot of knowledge from Val’s coaching expertise.

val teixeira
Val Teixeira
How did the partnership with Crystal Palace (England) help players such as yourself develop?

The club did benefit tremendously from being affiliated with a brand such as Crystal Palace. Many players saw this as a great opportunity to play in England and even test themselves in the annual pre-season friendlies with the parent club.

paul robson
Paul Robson playing in America.
You returned to England in 2011. How did the deal with Newport County come around?

After Baltimore ceased to exist through funds I decided to return to England to weigh up my options. At this time Anthony Hudson (who was a player/coach for a while in the US) contacted me with regards to an opportunity at Newport.

Following your brief spell with County you signed for Lincoln City where you made over 20 appearances. The 2011/12 squad was crammed full of defenders. How difficult was it to secure first team football?

We had some great defenders at Lincoln. With the team constantly changing it was hard for us to gain a sense of consistency.

paul robson 2
Paul Robson at Lincoln City
You were quickly snapped up by North Ferriby United. Was it the best decision for your career to drop down a league?

Moving to Ferriby was a surprise to me. I never intended to drop down a league but after speaking to Billy Heath and knowing many of the lads there, I knew they had a very strong team. It was a great ride while it lasted. I have nothing but great things to say about everyone involved with the club.

paul robson 4
Paul Robson played for North Ferriby
You are currently at Scarborough Athletic where you played 42 times last season. Is this where you have enjoyed your football the most?

Scarborough has been a great experience so far. At the moment we are not living up to the hype this season, but things are slowly starting to turn around. We just need some consistency in the squad.

Finally, what are you footballing plans for the next 10 years?

I intend to play for a few more seasons but my aim is to coach professionally in the future. I’m currently applying for all my badges and I’m coaching at North Ferriby U13’s which is a brilliant opportunity.

paul robson 2w
Paul Robson is enjoying life at Scarborough
Proof read by: Alex Crowther, Callum Langlois, Adam Keal and Millie Franklin.


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