After my recent article, Dabbing… What is the celebration craze all about? I speak to one of the newest “Dabbers”, Oxford City striker Bradley Bubb.

bubb dabs
Bradley Bubb celebrates his goal for Oxford City by Dabbing.

Can you explain what Dabbing is?

Haha, well basically the Dab is a dance move from America that everyone is doing at the minute. It’s spreading around the world.

How did your Dabbing celebration come around?

Me and Kynan Isaac were doing it in training so we said we’re going to do it if one of us scores haha.

Kynan Isaac (left)

Will you continue to Dab as your celebration or is this a one off?

Yeah, I hope to be doing the Dab on a regular basis, I need to score again first, but yeah I will be doing it when I score next.

Paul Pogba is one of the most famous “Dabbers”, but who does it better? Pogba or Bubb?

Erm I’ve got to back myself on that one!

Paul Pogba is a regular Dabber.

Will you be releasing a Dabbing tutorial for any footballers who want to improve their celebrations?

Haha, no I don’t think I will be, it’s a basic dance.

Bradley Bubb

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