I talk to young goalkeeper Aaron about his future and Ho Soccer UK’s products.

Aaron aims to play in Spain when he is older.

Aaron has only been a Goalkeeper for 15 months. One day the young footballer said “I want to be a goalkeeper” and it started from there.

Aaron’s parents gave him some toy brochures before Christmas 2014 but he was sat on Pro Direct Soccer looking at rebound nets and different types of gloves instead. That is when his parents knew he was serious about playing in net.

They put Aaron into an academy with his home town club AFC Consett, where he was trained by a former professional goalkeeper twice a week.

Aaron’s dad said, “The people who run the academy are amazing and have always supported Aaron.”

Goalkeeper Aaron
The young Englishman played at Consett for a year and was awarded with the Goalkeeper of the Year Award. At such a young age it was clear he had something special to offer.

Sadly Consett stood still but Aaron was performing like a burning flame. This is why Aaron’s parents decided to leave for the sake of his development.

Following his departure from Consett, the goalkeeper quickly joined Newcastle City Juniors.

Aaron is a HO SOCCER goalkeeper
Steve Chambers, owner of Newcastle City Juniors has a habit of producing talent such as Newcastle United’s Adam Armstrong.

Aaron’s parents met Chambers and it took 15 minutes talking about the young keepers passion to know that this was where Aaron would take his game to the next level.

On the back of this Aaron has started going to Sunderland development sessions and is being looked at by other local clubs.

Aaron’s dad has been contacted by many clubs providing Aaron with praise. These clubs include Malaga, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Man City, Ajax, Derby and Brentford.

Aaron is all over social media as his parents believe there is more chance of him being seen this way.

Aaron is a young goalkeeper.
Aaron is a bright young lad, who does very well in school. He is very popular but he also has a fantastic belief and desire that he will be one of the top keepers in the world.

Aaron and his family would like to say a big thank you to HO-Soccer, and all of those that believe and support Aaron at this stage of his journey.


What goalkeepers do you look up to?

Manuel Neuer, Keylor Navas , David Ospina and Joe Hart. They are all great keepers. I have so much respect for Ospina who is only 6ft tall, lots of goalkeepers know what it is like to be told that they are not tall enough to play at the highest level so I have to respect him for never giving up.

David Ospina
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In Spain getting ready to play for a top La Liga Team.

How are you finding your time at Newcastle City Juniors?

It is such a big step up from where I was before. It is a development club so the coaches are of a higher grade, it is more strict but if you want to play at the highest level at any age this is the kind of club you can play for and learn with. We train eight hours a week and then have a game in the Junior Premier League. It’s great and I am humble to play for such a club.

Which pair of gloves are your favourite?

Any Gecko gloves by HO-Soccer, I have used almost every brand but HO just works for me so I hope to wear them until I am old – I am sponsored by them though so I am bias. They are amazing people and they don’t just look after the Premier League Keepers but also future Keepers like me. They even have me on their website which I am so proud of.

Read about Aaron and buy HO Soccer UK products here. 


Finally, which club would you love to sign for?

I am training with Sunderland at the moment whilst I am being looked at by Newcastle and Middlesbrough so who wouldn’t want to be signed by any top North East Club as the passion here is unreal. However in England I have learned that they put too much criteria on young keepers so if you are not a certain height at 13 years old you have to leave regardless of your talent.

Okay I get it if you are never going to get past 5ft 6 for example, but look at Ospina at Arsenal who is only 6ft. I hear and speak to so many keepers who are older and gave up because a club has said you aren’t tall enough. In Spain they do not do that, it is more on the players technical ability. I’d love to sign for Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid or of course Barcelona. I want to move to Spain unless something changes here.

jordan pickford
Jordan Pickford made his Premier League debut vs Spurs after coming out of The Black Cats academy side.
I would like to wish Aaron all the best for his future. You can keep up to date with the young goalkeeper by visiting his Twitter page.


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