Dabbing… What is the celebration craze all about?

What is Dabbing? A question asked by many people who are still yet to come to terms with the latest internet dance craze.

A simple way to answer this question is to look at Dabbing as the predecessor to the ‘Nae Nae’… the hip-hop trend killed by the media.

Paul Pogba and Mario Balotelli seen dabbing

The Dab Dance originated in Atlanta, Georgia but the genius who came up with this marvellous idea is still argued as there have been many artists who have claimed the title as pioneer.

The majority of credit is with a number of artists signed to the Quality Control label, this includes rappers such as Migos, OG Maco, and Peewee Longway. Migos is said to be one of the original dabbers after he released his September 2015 hit, Bitch Dab.

As the mystery of who created, Dabbing still stands, a number of football stars have started joining in with the mad dance craze.

Romelu Lukaku dab’s against Stoke in December.

One of the most dedicated dabbers is Juventus’ star player Paul Pogba. The midfielder has become famous for using his dabbing skills as his goal celebration.

Pogba managed to reveal his trademark celebration in just eight minutes when his team-mate Paulo Dybala managed to put Juventus ahead against Verona last Wednesday.

Paulo Dybala (left) and Paul Pogba (right) performed the dab against Verona.

Pogba is so enthusiastic about dabbing he has had a haircut dedicated to the hip-hop dance.

What are the chances of Sam Allardyce following the trend on his next trip to the barbers?

Paul Pogba’s new haircut
Paul Pogba’s new haircut.

Pogba and his team-mate are not the only football stars to jump on the band wagon as Liverpool’s, Jordon Ibe and Nathaniel Clyne have also joined in with the trend as well as Everton’s star man, Romelu Lukaku.

Jordon Ibe (left) and Nathaniel Clyne (right) dab after their victory over Stoke
Nathaniel Clyne (left) and Jordon Ibe (right)

How long will it be until we see the return of a classic knee slide? 



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