Zack Scerri is one of Malta’s brightest talents for the future.

The young midfielder recently featured in Hibernians squad for their friendly with one of Europe’s biggest teams, PSV. 

ElWriteBack has been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to speak to the 19-year-old midfielder.

psv team sheet
Zack Scerri (spelt Zach in the image) featured in the Hibernians squad for their fixture with PSV.

You have worked your way up from the youth side at Hibs and now you play for the first team. How proud are you of this achievement?

As you said I have worked my way up to the first time from the youth side at Hibernians and for me this is a big achievement. To play for the first team at Hibernians is a big achievement for me as I am playing for one of the biggest clubs in Malta.

Hibernians FC U19’s

Hibs are one of the biggest sides in Malta, what ambitions do the club have for the near future? 

As always Hibernians aim to be the top team in Malta.  They are always trying to win all the trophies they are involved in throughout the season. I am confident that the club will still have the same ambitions in the future.

Hibernians F.C.

You operate as a midfielder, who is your inspiration and how have they played a part in your style of play?

As an inspiration to my style of play I look up to Andrea Pirlo. I do this by watching videos. Some videos of him playing have helped me in my style of play.

Kaka (left) shakes hands with Andrea Pirlo (right)

Andrew Cohen has spent his entire career at Hibernians, how do you benefit from such an experienced player being your captain?

To have a captain like Andrew Cohen in your team is a big asset for us young players. Andrew Cohen has won many trophies which involve both club honors and even personal awards such as Player Of The Year on three occasions. For these reasons us youngsters should be proud that we have such an experienced captain to look up to and learn from.

andrew cohen
Captain, Andrew Cohen

A number of Maltese players have moved abroad to play football, would you ever consider a move to another league somewhere else in the world?

I think it’s a dream of every player to play football abroad someday and obviously it is also my dream.

Zack Scerri dreams of playing abroad.

You played PSV in a friendly fixture last night, how did you find the match?

To play against such a great team was a huge honour for me. We all knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy game as we all know what type of players they have. On the other hand we were very disciplined in all areas which led us to winning the game.


Jorge Silva scored the winner in the 90th minute, how did the side feel when the final whistle blew and they had secured victory over one of Europe’s biggest sides?

As I said before, it was an honour to play against such a team let alone winning the game. Beating one of the biggest clubs in Europe was a big thing for us as a team and obviously after the final whistle everybody was happy with the win as we made history for the club.

Hibs celebrate scoring against PSV.

Jeffery Bruma featured in PSV’s side last night, what was it like for the Hibs side to play against such talented players?

To play against such talented players like Jefferey Bruma was a big thing for us players as these players are the present stars and also for some such as Bruma are the future stars of football.

Jeffery Bruma

I recently spoke to your team mate, Joseph Mbong. How much potential does the young star have?

Joseph Mbong has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps working hard as he is doing right now.

Joseph Mbong (left)

You are one of the biggest young talents coming out of Malta, what is your ultimate footballing goal?

Right now I’m working hard to improve my skills so that I would be able to get more playing time with the seniors. On the other hand my ultimate footballing goal is to win all honours in Maltese football, play for the Malta National First Team and also maybe one day playing abroad.

minors champ 1415
Zack Scerri has already achieved great things in his short career.

Finally, what are Hibernians targets for this season?

As I said before, Hibernians are a team that always wants to win and be the best. We have managed to win the Super Cup and also the President’s Cup, next in line is the Championship League and the FA Trophy.

Zack Scerri


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