Following reports this week that Alton Towers could be reopening their latest ride The Smiler for the first time since the tragic event which occurred in June, ElWriteBack writer, Charlie Russell has captured breaking footage of the resort doing safety tests on the ride.

This was expected as an Alton Towers representative said, “The Smiler rollercoaster will only reopen if all the necessary safety checks had been made”.

One of the crash victims, Vicky Balch, who had a leg amputated after the accident has revealed that during a meeting with the resorts bosses, “They said they are not making as much money as they used to. I feel upset and insulted”.

Whilst work was being doing on the ride, the Alton Towers engineers had used a number of crash test dummies to represent human bodies. These were placed in the same seats that the crash victims sat in.

Is this too soon to re-open The Smiler? Only four months after the terrible incident which occurred in June 2015.

Work being done on The Smiler earlier on today.
Work being done on The Smiler earlier on today.

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