Callum Bastock, his last name may ring a bell. Well that’s because his dad is former Boston United goalkeeper and club legend, Paul Bastock. 

The young goalkeeper is currently playing for Grimsby Town after signing a professional contract earlier on this year.

Callum Bastock
Callum Bastock

Congratulations on getting a pro contract at Grimsby. How proud are you for achieving this?

Thank you, I’m very proud, my dream as a young boy was to be a professional footballer as football has been a huge part of my life. I remember watching my dad and seeing the surname on the back of his shirt and I always wanted to have my own ‘Bastock’ shirt so I’m very proud to have achieved my dream.  Now I have to work as hard as I can to achieve more in my career.

Callum finally has his own "Bastock" shirt
Callum finally has his own “Bastock” shirt

How have you recovered from injury problems?

My injury last year came as a massive blow. I was a second year youth at the time and I progressed to train with the first team every day. I was on the bench in an early league game last season which was huge for me as I was still a youth team player. Then as it was all going so well I ruptured my cruciate ligament and that was my season over. I’m back to full training now and played two games this season. I’m not 100% fit and there’s still work to be done on my leg. I feel confident to have a full recovery and be back up to speed very soon.

Callum Bastock (left)
Callum Bastock (left)

Your dad made over 500 appearances for Boston United, do you think you can live up to this?

Yes he has played over 1000 league games in career and the majority of them were at Boston United, roughly about 657. I can’t see why I couldn’t play that amount of games haha! Saying that I couldn’t imagine myself still playing at the age of 45 like him haha.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself playing regular first team football.

Who did you support growing up and who was your favourite player?

When I was growing up I supported Birmingham City, my dad and his side of the family are from Birmingham so they brought me a blues kit and I’ve supported them from then on, therefore my favourite player was Miak Taylor! When I was growing up he was the blues goalie so I use to pretend to be him in the back garden and at goalie training haha.

Maik Taylor
Maik Taylor playing for Birmingham

Have you always wanted to be a goalkeeper?

I’ve always wanted to be a goalkeeper. I started off as an outfielder but after going to watch my dad play I wanted to be like him so I started playing in goal and it all started from there.

Who’s your best mate in football?

My best mate in football will have to be my old man! We don’t have a usual father and son relationship, we have everything in common so it’s brilliant, and we do everything together from golfing to training together during the off season.

Father, Paul Bastock (third from left) and son, Callum Bastock (third from right).
Father, Paul Bastock (third from left) and son, Callum Bastock (third from right).

How has training with such a talented goalkeeper in James McKeown benefited your career?

Macca has been brilliant, when I first started at Grimsby as a youth he made me feel at ease and always looked out for me and helped me out. He use to talk to me on how I could improve and he also would stay out after training if I wanted to do something extra like kicking! A lot of pros wouldn’t do that for a young lad but he was always willing to help me. He works hard and that shows in games.

What’s it like to be managed by Paul Hurst?                       

I am very grateful for the gaffer to have shown faith in me and give me a contract after my injury as I was coming back to training when my pro contract started. In many cases the club could let the player go and say come back when you’re fit but they stood by me and I’m grateful for that.

Callum Bastock
Callum Bastock

Do you think you’ll get promotion this year after the disappointment of the previous years?

I think we will get promotion this year. We have a great squad and it’s more than capable of gaining promotion.

Who’s your toughest opponent for the National League title?

Forest Green have come flying out but it’s a long season so we will have to see.

What is your Lincolnshire Derby prediction?

We outplayed Lincoln in the game at Sincil Bank. Things went against us on that. I think the game at Blundell Park will finish 2-0 Grimsby.

Callum Bastock
Callum Bastock


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