As the Dave Keal Memorial Game quickly approaches I speak to some of the players involved and get the latest gossip from the changing room. Players such as Charlie Russell, and Jake Pointon tell us about what songs will be played in the dressing room and who will be the most likely to get sent off.

JP = Jake Pointon (Liverpool) CL = Callum Langlois (Liverpool) CR = Charlie Russell (Liverpool) SL: Sam Lambert (Everton)

Are you looking forward to the game?

JP: Definitely, it should be a brilliant game and it should be a good laugh with everyone knowing each other as well. Everyone has been looking forward to this match, so it should be a good day.

CL: Definitely, it’s going to be a great day for a great cause and hopefully it will be fun to play in.

CR: Yes, it should be a great day for us as players and fans. We are remembering a massive football fan whilst raising money for a great cause.

SL: Personally I am very excited for the game, not only because I’m playing football with some of my best mates for an amazing cause but also because the turn out should be fantastic and that will really help the event be equally successful as it was last year.

Who do you think the stand out players are?

JP: On the Everton team there is Max Butler who will play a key part in their side, he’s got excellent stamina and speed as he runs competitively at a good standard. Olek Herbaut is another good player who I’ve played against and with before; he’s extremely agile and is an excellent all round goalkeeper. On the Liverpool side we have a few which are great players; we’ve got a solid partnership in centre back with Conor Allen and Ryan Goy. We’ve also got Luke Gilbert who was an amazing Striker for us in our final season, he’s got pace and strength and he won’t stop running the whole match.

CL: Jake (Pointon) is obviously going to bring the physical side to the game and is a strong leader so he must be watched and Olek (Herbaut) will be solid for the away team because he seems to be fearless when it comes to a game of football.

CR: I think Dirty P (Marc Priestley) will be a player to look out for, the lads got tekkers and gives his all.

SL: I think that Jake (Pointon) and Connor (Allen) are probably the stand out players for the home side with them both having a lot of experience and one magic moment from either of them could change the game completely. However, having said that, Charlie ‘The Major’ Russell could ignite the game with one of his trademark tackles at any time. For the Everton side, I don’t think we have one stand out player alone but (Liam March) Marchie brings a creative flair and a bag full of skill to the game.

Sam Lambert (Left) played along best friend Charlie Russell (Right) in last years Charity Match.
Sam Lambert (Left) played alongside best friend Charlie Russell (Right) in last years Charity Match.
What are your score predictions?

JP: I think it’ll be a fairly close game, but you always have to hope that the team you’re playing for will win. I think it’ll still be a close match, so I’m going to say the score will be 3-2 to Liverpool.

CL: Hopefully it’s filled with goals to entertain people and we might scrape through at 3-2.

CR: It will definitely be a close game that’s for sure. I’m going to say 2-1 to us (Liverpool).

SL: The result, that’s a tricky one but I think Everton will clinch it 4-3 with a late minute winner from (George) Crabb.

Special Liverpool Badges will be on the players shirts tomorrow.
Special Liverpool Badges will be on the players shirts tomorrow.
Who will be the fastest player on the pitch?

JP: There’s a few that are insanely quick, it’s between Conor Allen, Max Butler and Nathan Phillips.  I’d have to say that it’ll be Max Butler mainly because Nathan is injured at the moment, but Conor will definitely still be one of the fastest players on the pitch.

CL: I used to be fairly quick in the day so I hope I can keep up there with the top names but Nathan (Phillips) is probably the quickest now.

CR: That’s a close one, there’s a few names I could mention but on the day I’ll say Nath (Phillips).

SL: Must be Max Butler, the boy has gas.

On the other hand, who will be the slowest?

JP: I think there are a few that aren’t the fastest, I’m going to have to say that it’ll be either Callum Bridgman or Charlie Russell.

CL: It’ll be tight between a few, not naming names though.

CR: Erm, me, next question please.

SL: The slowest, well that’s difficult to judge because I’m used to being the slowest myself but I think on this occasion it’s probably Sam J-S, (Sam Jackson-Soutter).

Keeping Up: Charlie Russell races forward during training.
Keeping Up: Charlie Russell (Black Training Top) races forward during training.
Who was the best trainer leading up to the game?

JP: For the best trainer I would say that it would be Nathan Phillips, he trains with just as much effort as he plays when he’s in a game situation, he has a very good work ethic.

CL: Hmm, I’ll say Jake (Pointon).

CR: Nath (Phillips), the lad just keeps running, I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to football.

SL: If Nathan was playing for us I’d have given it to him because he always puts in 110%, the lad never stops running but for us the best trainer has to be the man between the sticks, Olek (Herbaut). I think I only saw him concede two goals in the whole of the last training session.

Safe Hands: Olek Herbaut
Safe Hands: Olek Herbaut
And the worst?

JP: Probably Matt Hill from Everton, he likes to sit back and just talk and have a laugh, but he always puts in the effort when he’s playing in the match.

CL: No comment. I don’t want to offend people.

CR: On my side (Liverpool) I’ll say Ryan (Goy), but from the Everton side it’s definitely Crabby (George Crabb), never met someone who’s so lazy… sorry mate.

SL: I don’t think we’ve got a single player who trains badly or worse than anyone else but I’ll give it to (Liam March) Marchie again mainly because I don’t think he’s come to as many training sessions as the rest of the team.

Lazy Striker: George Crabb
Lazy Striker: George Crabb
Joker: Matt Hill
Joker: Matt Hill
Who will be in charge of the changing room music and what sort of songs do you expect to be played?

JP: There’s only one person who will control the music and that’s Charlie Russell, he will already have the playlist set up and ready to go for when everyone else turns up. As for what he’ll be playing, there’s one song which everyone in the team loves and everyone sings along to, and that’s Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. It’s a weird song for everyone to like but we love it.

CL: Myself under the name of DJ Lang of course but maybe MC Cruss (Charlie Russell). As long as it’s loud, I don’t care what’s played.

CR: Me and DJ Lang, some big grime tracks will be played, shout out Boy Better Know, but Valerie is a must.

SL: Changing room music will hopefully be my job although Bridgman will probably attempt to have some sort of input into what is played as well. I don’t think the rest of the team will be too keen on this decision though. I think we’ll probably put on a mixture of music but Shutdown will probably be played at some point during the day.

Valerie: Jake Pointon is a big Amy Winehouse fan.
Valerie: Jake Pointon is a big Amy Winehouse fan.
Why did you pick your specific shirt number?

JP: I picked 18 because it’s the same number as my favourite player Paul Scholes, he’s an absolutely incredible player. There’s no one else that I’ve seen play that even comes close to him and his commitment to Manchester United was incredible. He’s a player that would stand out in any of the best teams in recent years, and other legends like Xavi have said how they wish they had a chance to play with him. He’s simply the best player I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad that I’ve been able to see him a couple times at Old Trafford

CL: 14 has always been my lucky number and a number of Arsenal greats have worn it.

CR: Shirt numbers are a big thing for me, for some reason I don’t know why but I’m very picky. I’ve worn four, 15 and 17 in the past for Ruskington, which I liked but my favourite number is 42 and always has been when given the choice to pick one. I’ll never tell anyone the real reason behind 42 but I wore four when I played centre back and two when I played right back so, four and two put next to each other is 42. I hope that makes sense.

SL: I’m wearing the number four on Sunday because it’s my lucky number but also because it’s the number worn by one of my biggest footballing idols Claude Makelele, the king of CDM.

Number 14: Callum Langlois
Number 14: Callum Langlois
How will playing on a full size 3G Pitch change your sides game plan?

JP: It won’t change too much, if anything it’ll be slightly easier as there won’t be any bobbles in the ground, however the ball will move around a bit quicker, so we might need to try and play some shorter passes rather than long through balls. Players might end up getting tired easier, but we’ll be able to do rolling subs, so that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

CL: Sliding might lead to a bit more blood loss haha, but it shouldn’t affect it too much as long as we can manage the basics.

CR: I prefer playing on grass but we played a friendly last season at Carre’s and I’ve also trained with Ruskington Rovers Men’s side on 3G so I don’t see it making much of a different.

SL: I think playing on a full size pitch should only improve the team performance; it’s going to definitely suit my style of play much better as I like to operate in plenty of space and it will give our wide men the chance to bomb on forward.

Sam Lambert will be a player/coach in tomorrows game.
Who’s most likely to get sent off?

JP: Charlie (Russell) haha,

CL: Conor Allen.

CR: Erm, Amar (Angus Marr).. haha joking, he’ll never get booked in his life. Connor Knights can throw in a dodgy challenge now and then but after playing with Conor Allen for a season I can say he’s most likely to be sent walking.

SL: Cruss (Charlie Russell). No need to explain.

Psycho: Conor Allen
Psycho: Conor Allen
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