I’d like to start this off by apologising for the lack of posts recently. I have been on holiday in France and Italy. I have also been flooded with sixth form work.

There’s no need to worry as I am now back and I’ve managed to get some free time. 

I had a great time abroad visiting a number of team’s including, Dijon, Vicenza Caclio and the Italian giants, AC and Inter Milan.

On my visit to the San Siro, I had a tour of the ground which will hold the Champions League Final. The AC Milan dressing room is very stylish and modern with a smooth circular lay out, where as on the other hand Inter’s was very old fashioned with the standard square lay out. So as a player I’d much rather be in the AC dressing room haha, but saying this I did actually buy myself an Inter Milan shirt with “C.RUSSELL 42” on the back. Considering this was from the official club shop I only paid €59, which is again another example of the foreign clubs selling their shirts so cheaply. But nothing will beat Elche’s €20 home shirt.

My travels went on and this time I stopped in Vicenza. I had been in contact with Vicenza Calcio for a number of weeks running up to my holiday and they were very helpful with information. They told me where I could get a shirt, when training was on and if there were any fixtures. Sadly I didn’t have time to watch training but I did manage to get my hands on another shirt. I left the store again donning the 42 shirt.

Since my return to England Vicenza have posted a picture of my shirt on their Facebook page and I have been invited back to watch a game if I am ever in the area again. You can visit Calcio’s Facebook page here.

I would like to thank the Calcio staff and fans for welcoming me to their club and helping out with any problems I had! One day I will watch that game at the Menti. #WeAreVicenzaCalcio

Vicenza Calcio Shirt.
Vicenza Calcio Shirt.

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