ElWriteBack takes a trip into the history of one of the greatest talent factories in Spanish football whilst exploring the reasons behind why the likes of Juan Mata, Santi Cazorla and Michu didn’t want to see their previous club collapse.

Editor: Matt Read 
Writer: Charlie Russell

RealOviedoReal Oviedo were formed in 1926 when rival sides Real Stadium Club Ovetense and Real Club Deportivo Oviedo came together. They managed to work their way up to La Liga seven years later. Former England international, Fred Pentland was the first manager of the Spanish side before Frank Burton took over in 1927.

Isidro Lángara went down as a club legend as he won three consecutive Pichichi trophies from 1933-34 to 1935-36. During his first spell with the Blues, Lángara scored over 140 goals. His record of scoring 16 goals in his opening 10 matches of a La Liga campaign was recently beaten after 79 years by Cristiano Ronaldo when the talented Madrid star scored his 17th goal in 10 games during a 4-0 win over Granada (2014/15).


Fast forward a number of years and Oviedo found themselves placed third in the 1962-63 season which allowed them to qualify for UEFA Cup football. In 1990-91 they finished 6th, which again meant that European football was on the cards. They were knocked out during the first round by Italian side, Genoa C.F.C.

In 1992 Real Oviedo became a public limited sports company, their initial capital stock amounted to €3.6 million.

During the Millennium a 30,500 seater stadium became Oviedo’s new home and was named Estadio Carlos Tartiere. The Ground was officially opened September 20, 2000 where JSD Partizan played Real Oviedo. The Serbian side managed to get a 2-0 victory.

Estadio Carlos Tartiere
Estadio Carlos Tartiere

Things started to go downhill during the 2000/01 season when the Blue Army were relegated to the Spanish second division after finishing 18th in La Liga. After a number of relegations Oviedo started to suffered severe economic troubles. This allowed there to be an inability to pay their players, forcing the club to start the 2003/04 season in the Spanish fourth division. The historic side nearly folded at this point but managed to regroup and work their way up to the Third division. The 2012/13 season allowed for there to be a turn around with the club, the Oviedo faithful were called upon and there was a chance to buy shares in their beloved club. Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata, Michu and Adrián all started their succesfull careers at Oviedo and have repaid the club by all investing in the Asturias based club. The club had until the 17th November to raise €2 million in order to not become bankrupt.

Mata, Cazorla, Adrián and Michu
Mata, Cazorla, Adrián and Michu

$2.5 million was invested on the set date of 17th November by the worlds richest man, Carlos Slim, making him own the controlling stake of the club. Other big names such as Real Madrid and Spencer FC have all brought shares in Real Oviedo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LrPgYX3-iE - SPENCER FC

After finishing in 1st Place in the Spanish third division, Oviedo will finally get one step closer to returning to La Liga, Spain’s top flight.

Real Oviedo
Real Oviedo

I recently invested in Real Oviedo after being lucky enough to interview their on loan centre back, Charlie I’Anson. One share will cost you £8.80/ 11,50€ – These can be purchased on the following link. http://www.locosporverteganar.com/

Charlie I'Anson Training
Charlie I’Anson Training

After Speaking to Charlie I’Anson (Here) I found out his Ultimate XI of players he has played against and with so far in his career.

Players in Italics are those who Charlie I’Anson has played against.

GK: Esteban – Real Oviedo

RB: Robbie Stockdale – Grimsby Town

CB: David Lomban – Elche

CB: David Fernandez – Real Oviedo

LB: Edu Albacar – Elche

RM: Michael Pereira – Mallorca

CM: Carlos Sanchez – Elche (Now Aston Villa)

CM: Andi Thanoj – Grimsby Town

LM: Carles Gil – Elche (Now Aston Villa)

ST: Sergio Garcia – Espanyol

ST: Youssef El-Arabi – Granada

Esteban Andrés Suárez
Esteban Andrés Suárez – Goalkeeper

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