Exclusive Interview: Josh Parry, The English Lad Pursuing a Footballing Career in Malta.

Josh Parry is a 21 year old footballer who started playing football from the early age of six years. Eventually he signed with Hull City at the age of 10 where he scored 68 goals in 86 games after four years at the club before he left the KC after he turned 14, this was in order for him to finish secondary school but he continued to play local football. Parry went onto join local side, Bottesford where he played for all age groups from U14’s to U19’s. During this time he managed to break into the Bottesford senior team. Whilst playing for The Poachers in junior football the midfielder won a large amount of silverware before moving into the Lincolnshire Leagues. In Josh’s words “The competition was much tougher.”

Silverware included two consecutive county cups at Under 16 and Under 17 level. Following his first cup win at the age of 16, Parry started playing for the senior team, although he was never a starting regular he was regularly seen to be training and working hard with the senior squad!

I was saying this to my dad the other day, I can’t really remember those last few years at the club as a lot changed within the club. New managers were coming in and started taking over different age groups. I think the main reason I stopped playing for Bottesford midway into being 17 was because I started working on Sundays and couldn’t make games.”

Since leaving Bottesford the Scunthorpe born player had moved to Malta to pursue his footballing career again. He signed for Luxol St Andrews and has been at the club for three years now, the end of 2015 with be his fourth year. Parry is currently on loan to Rabat Ajax where he is developing his football in order to go further with his career.

Alongside football Parry has played futsal for Grimsby Town in the National League when he started playing aged 17. During his time in the Grimsby East Marsh Futsal League he scored 99 goals in 20 games in one season! He has continued with futsal in Malta, where he is often seen playing for Gzira United. Last year the talented player bagged 21 goals in 12 games as well as an amazing 24 assists which helped get United a promotion to the Premier Division.

Josh Parry
Josh Parry

What is the difference between Maltese football and English?

I haven’t played in England for a few years now but the level I played at was very physical, whereas here in Malta it’s very tactical and slow plus a lot of players are very technically gifted! In England we trained only once/twice a week, so come match day it was just a case of putting out the best 11 available, along with those in the best form. Here in Malta we train every day of the week before a match and the last 2/3 sessions before match day are based purely on tactics! That’s one of the main differences. Both places are of semi-professional standard, with a slim majority being full time pros but here they train almost as professionals, in terms of being in everyday for training. In Malta it’s a different game in terms of physicality. Sure the players are athletic, well built, strong just like they are back home, but the definition of a foul and tackle is different. A Foul here is often whoever shouts the loudest hahaha, and they do love an argument and a fight here! England a good tackle is accepted and we carry on, it only becomes a fight if it’s dangerous or late! Here virtually any big tackle or slight foul becomes an argument/fight. Maybe that’s just the standard I played at in England, as when you watch the Premier League you don’t seem to be able to tackle anymore.

Who was your idol when growing up?

My idols changed as I changed I’d say. As a young boy until the age of 12/13 it was very much Michael Owen. I’m a Liverpool fan and as a kid I was a striker and all I wanted to do was score goals. But when I got to 14 I got pushed into central midfield and it changed to Kaka and Xabi Alonso, who I idolised and modelled different aspects of my game on. Those two are almost completely different players I know, but I watched them whenever they played. This let me see how they played and also allowed me to take bits from both!

Josh Parry
Josh Parry

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope to be an established professional, playing either back home or somewhere like the States! For me I just want to be living comfortably and enjoying life. We were brought up with very little, so I guess we’ve learnt to live without life’s luxuries you know, so I just want to be enjoying life and playing at a good standard of football! (When i say we I’m talking about myself, brother and older sister).

Who’s your best mate in football?

I wouldn’t say I have a best mate in football. I get along with just about everybody at the clubs I’ve played at. But if I was to name one it would be Michael Johnson who plays for Luxol St Andrews and Maltese Under 21 International Side. When I first came to Malta aged 18 he took me in and helped me out a lot. He’s a great lad but unfortunately due to me playing at a different club and our lives being super busy, we’ve not been able to catch up for a while.

If you weren’t pursuing a career in football what other career would you be in?

Other careers would have certainly involved sport of some form. I studied at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe and finished with 3 A-Levels in BTEC sport. It was then I had to choose football or University… To be honest my college experience was awful and it put me off studying, which is why I chose football. I’d of probably gone into coaching or PE teaching. That’s the most likely careers I’d of gone for, after I finish playing football I plan to back to study again and go into either Coaching or Sports Journalism.

What’s the best strength in your game?

My best strengths are probably my passing and my understanding of the game, more in terms of seeing a pass or opportunity quickly but also the basic reading of the game, when in or out of possession!

Where could you improve the most in your game?

I think improvement could definitely come in my overall work rate, I’m trying my best to get fitter and stronger and also in the terms of getting my body in the best possible shape. I admire players that have incredible engines, and it would certainly help improve my game to be able to be able to play at a high intensity for 90 minutes. Other areas would be my finishing, I used to be a terrific goal scorer but I have seemed to have lost my touch for it in eleven a side football. In Futsal I have no problem scoring but for some reason in a much bigger goal I find it harder haha!

Josh Parry - Rabat Ajax (Second from right, middle row)
Josh Parry – Rabat Ajax
(Second from right, middle row)

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  1. Hi do you know about the English boy abroad at Luxol st andrew ex Southampton player 18 years old! Worth an interview very good player awaiting is citizenship also


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