Interview: St George’s Academy Striker and Captain Harry Beresford

ElWriteBack speaks exclusively to St George’s Academy captain Harry Beresford.

How do you feel the season went for the sixth form side?

All in all regarding wins this season, it was a poor one with only one win recorded. It didn’t help that some games that we had the potential to win got cancelled and postponed. However as a team we developed together over the course of the season and played some good football which allowed us to grow as a team.

Harry Beresford (Number 10) playing for the sixth form side.
Harry Beresford (Number 10) playing for the sixth form side.

What was is like with the new young manager, Mr.Taylor taking over the team?

Mr Taylor is a good manager, he understood where we needed to develop and what we needed to work on. As he was a new teacher it was difficult at the beginning but he made it a lot of fun, he has some good banter and managed us very very well regardless of results.

Who developed the most over the season?

The most developed player over the season is a tough one because everyone made improvements in their own right. Mitchell Gorman did particularly well playing at right back for the season when he is a natural right winger. There are others to name but overall I believe that everyone developed over the season as a team more than anything.

What was the biggest achievement of the season?

The biggest achievement arguably should be the win over Boston college but I feel the biggest achievement was giving Carres Grammar a good run for their money in a close 2-1 defeat. The team played their heart out in that match. Carres walked into it thinking they were going to boss us about but it was St George’s who were the better side. Taking the lead and holding it for the majority of the game and unfortunately losing to two silly goals.

What is your personal biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement for this season was being named captain of the side, a big responsibility that I took on happily. Also I was proud to be top goalscorer for the Academy as well.

Harry Beresford in action for St George's Academy.
Harry Beresford in action for St George’s Academy.

What was the most disappointing part of the season?

The most disappointing part of the season would be losing the match to Carres that I just mentioned. After playing so intensely with desire and purpose. Playing one of the best games of the season to end up losing was a real blow for me.

How do you think the academy can progress and go forward over the next few years?

I think the academy will always aim to progress and move forward over the coming years. There is a good selection of players coming up from year 11 into the sixth form teams and that should be a real boost on top of the players that are already present. There is also talent in the lower years that can already be identified. I’m leaving at the end of this year but I wish the teams the best of luck for the future.

Is there a close bond between the team?

I’d say there is a pretty close bond between everyone in the team. We all get along well, and we are always up for having a good laugh and having a good time. There aren’t any problems in the changing rooms while I’ve been captain. We have a close bond as friends but could have a stronger bond as a team if we’d had more opportunities to play matches and train together.

St George's Academy during training.
St George’s Academy during training.

Who’s the most skilful within the squad?

Most skilful is a tough one, I’d happily say myself as I’ve tried some crazy stuff when playing. But I’d have to say someone else on the team. We all have our different skills, Mitch always manages a nutmeg on players, Aaron Wiseman just runs through defenders, Rhys Collings loves a good ball roll, and I can’t forget Lewis Robson and the outside of his boot. It’s a tough one but we all know the best bit of skill seen in a game this season and that was my cross field Rabona to Rhys. It was played down the right hand side, cut back, I play the Rabona to Rhys on the left and we attacked from there.


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