Team Mates: Angus Marr – Ruskington Lions Winger

I recently interviewed Ex-Forest Academy player, Angus Marr about his teams mates at his current club, Ruskington Lions. Here’s what he had to say: Best Trainer: That’s a tough one, I will have to say no one as not one player can be singled out there as everyone just turns up and has a laugh whilst giving 100% during the session. Best Mate At Club: I have a few close mates at the club who I met through school and the club itself, because I’m a top baller… haha (Lewis) Cammack, Nath (Phillips) and Conor (Allen) all live near me so I probably spend most time with them. Cruss (Charlie Russell) is in my sports studies class so he deserves a mention as well. Biggest Moaner: Conor (Allen) and Ryan (Goy) these two are always getting booked for moaning to the ref. Not a surprise that they’ve had a number of fines this season! Hardman: Charlie (Russell), well he thinks he’s the hard man, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of his challenges! They’re dirty! Quickest: Conor Allen as he ran 100 metres for school and county, one of the fastest defenders in the league for sure! Unbeatable. Slowest: (Lewis) Cammack has never been fast and that’s probably the main reason why he was a goalkeeper for 9 years! He’ll probably have a dig at me in training now, but Charlie (Russell) will be pleased I didn’t mention him! Future manager: Haha easy! Charlie (Russell), he loves the game football manager and is always telling us who he has signed and what he has won! He took Forest to the Champions League, that can’t go unnoticed! Best nickname: Dirty P… We all call Marc Priestley that! I don’t think the reasoning is appropriate for some of your readers. Best dancer: Me, Me, Me! I love a good chicken dance, you’ll have to ask Charlie (Russell) for the video! Hardest shot: Jake Pointon, the lads go some of the biggest thighs I’ve seen! The power which comes through those is unbelievable. Who’s always late to games: The Gaffer, Neal Yarwood he’s always hungover from the night before! Angus Marr     IMG_0853


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