Pointon Juniors inflicted total humiliation on Ruskington Lions and their embattled manager Neal Yarwood with a brutal 8-0 victory at Park Field Road.

Pointon Juniors preserved their place in the top five at the expense of a Ruskington side who now only have one win in five games. A first half hat-trick for Danny Miller gave the Juniors the front foot in the Kesteven Derby and set the foundations for a comfortable win. Both keepers made several top class saves in the first period, during which the Lions failed to capitalise on their possession of the ball. Following a half time team talk from manager, Neal Yarwood, the home side started on a much brighter note with a headed opportunity from Adam Keal. A goal on the break from Pointon dampened Yarwoods sides spirit which lead to four more goals including a penalty when Rusko captain, Jake Pointon brought down Juniors striker Jordan Claydon in the box.

Star Man: Danny Miller (Pointon)

Referee: Raymond Larcombe

Entertainment: ★★★★☆



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